Reconnecting Occupy with the 99% community
Unity of purpose is our main Solution
  • Significant dates, places, names and an indescribable Feeling overtook me in 2011. My Occupy experience is there -- grounded in the past. That old odyssey created a new person today. Unafraid to speak out, relentlessly pursuing the wildest of dreams -- free in the present. Another significant day is approaching; new excitement and another opportunity -- to Occupy the future.
    Patrick M ArthurAuthor, Activist
    New York, NY
  • The Occupy movement needs to support teachers parents and students revolting against testing, privatization and school closings! We needed you during the Chicago Teachers Strike, and the battle against school closings in Philly and Chicago. And we could use help undermining the data gathering capacity of the School Reform wing of the 1 percent and supporting the Opt Out movement.
    Mark D. NaisonProf. of African American Studies
    Fordham University
    Brooklyn, New York
  • We need to build the world we want. We need community, creativity, permaculture principles and joy. More joy and a little more. Small groups focused on being love. No more reacting. All proacting. Believe in each other and make a way for a new future. We have everything we need to build around the destroyers, we are just to stuck on them and not what needs to be.
  • One of the great things OWS people do is, they give HOPE to the people fighting in other countries. Some people do not understand what it is to be far away from here in a fight where there is no law, there is no police, no army, you can be shot at any moment and, on top of it, people in the US do not care at all about you. When you are not alone, even if you are in jail, you have a very different way to die. Mumia Abu Jamal understands that very well, that's why he keeps communicating with others who need him.
    Malú Huacuja del ToroAuthor, Activist
    Mexico City, Mexico
  • The most pressing issue to me right now is the economy, and continued lack of opportunities that are endemic to the system we will live in. Changing that is of the utmost essence as it affects me and everyone else's life right now both domestically and internationally and It is tied to every injustice on the planet.
    Sumumba SobukweAnchor Occu-Evolve (OWS)
    New York City, NY
  • I have always been avidly humanitarian, my parents are activists as well. I came the moment I heard of Occupy with everything I had. The group I founded I think we did great things with and they continue, it's all just part of Occupy Wall Street. It's all groups of groups of groups, right. we did it together. a real cooperative triumph. Occupy the Multiverse
    Vinny FaolánActivist, Humanitarian
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

Occupy Wall Street 3rd Year Going Forward